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Riding Courses Available in West Virginia

West Virginia Motorcycle Training Courses:

Ohio Motorcycle Training Courses:

Check the website, MSF-USA.ORG and follow the prompts to see the class schedule.

West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Program

WVU Parkersburg
300 Campus Dr.
Parkersburg, WV 26101

Test Riding is something that we at S&P Harley-Davidson offer daily. As long as the weather permits, you can come in during store hours and request to ride. It’s not mandatory to schedule a ride in advance, but it does help to ensure that we have the bike that you are hoping to ride.


To ensure a safe ride, there are some qualifications and items you need. These include:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • A valid license with a motorcycle endorsement
  • Proper riding gear including:
    1. Helmet (DOT approved)
    2. Long pants (no sweats or jogging pants)
    3. Jacket or long-sleeves
    4. Gloves (full-finger riding gloves)
    5. Boots or over the ankle shoes (no open toes)

S&P Harley-Davidson has you covered if you're dreaming about taking home a new Harley. Test rides take the what-ifs out of buying a bike. Click the button below or stop in S&P Harley-Davidson today to test any of our available models.

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